The Return of Moddy Sarah

I’m not so much an actor, but I will always pretend to be one for D.J. Sylvis . Everything they write makes my heart sing, so when they offered me a chance to revisit a character I voiced in season one of Moonbase Theta, Out, I hopped in. This bonus episode was a joy to record. I won’t give any spoilers, but oh – my heart-parts.

3 thoughts on “The Return of Moddy Sarah

  1. I can totally relate. I’m a full-time VO guy, but I never really considered myself an actor. I thought I was the only one saying this! By the way, I checked out the podcast and loved your line about “feeling my age down to the bone.”


    • Sorry I didn’t see this earlier! Deej is an amazing writer and, yeah, that line hit me too. Thanks for sharing. Any of your work I should check out? Lots of time to listen right now. 😛

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      • Oh yeah, this quarantine situation has given us all a lot of binge-watching time for sure! As for my work, I’ve been all about corporate safety and training videos over the last few years, but before that I was the voice of many commercials. Chances are pretty good you’ve already heard me.


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