Here you can find links to my published poetry that is available in print, online, or on my website.

@Mourning (Terse Journal, December 2019)
At Times I Hate You, Emily (Jones Av, 2001)
The Battle of the Brians, 1988 (The Daily Drunk, 2020)
Daughteret is not a made-up word (Writers Resist, December 2019)
Dear Heavenly Mother (Mineral Lit Mag, 2020)
The Dolichorhynchops at the ROM (The Daily Drunk, 2020)
The Don’t Hit Me Dance (Fireweed, 2002)
Food to Spare (Excite, 2001)
For Chandrahas, Who is Likely Dead (845 Press, 2020)
Happy Birthday to Me (Written to celebrate Augur Mag’s kickstarter, 2020)
How to Survive Surviving a Crisis (Off Topic Poetics Distāntia reading series, 2020)
I am glad you wore yellow today (March, 2020)
I ate a thin girl for breakfast today (Excite, 2001)
I Was Once a Dancer (Arts with Attitude)
If I Ever Liked The Night (Fireweed, 2002)
In Christie Pits (Labyrinth)
*In Patient (Serotonin, 2020)
The Last Episode (The Daily Drunk, 2020)
Like Cherries (Malarkey Books, 2020)
On Watching Him Work From Home (Pandemic Prose, 2020)
Paint (The Daily Drunk, 2020)
My Time in Space (Terse Journal, December 2019)
Shipped (Pandemic Prose, 2020)
Sweeter (Terse Journal, December 2019)
t w t f s s ANXIETY m (Neutral Spaces, 2020)
*The Taco Bell Bathroom at Bathurst Street (Taco Bell Quarterly, 2020)
A Terrible Poem (Quatrain Fish, 2020)
The Unbuilt Dollhouse (Pink Plastic House, 2020)
What Were You Wearing? (Thema, 2020)
wings pulled to body (Scifaikuest, 2020)

* these poems have received Best of the Net nominations