Picture of H. E. Casson. They are on a bus. It is a black and white close up of their face.

H. E. Casson (they/them) is a writer, a Torontonian, and an all-around-somewhat-okay human. They are old enough to remember two distinct eras in which everyone un-ironically wore plaid. 

Their writing has recently been featured in Cast of Wonders, Lunate, Taco Bell Quarterly, Stonecrop Review, Terse, Writers Resist, and The Twofer Compendium. They are a part of the Distāntia Reading Series, and are listed in the Who’s Who of Emerging Writers for 2020. Their short story, Seeking Same, won Apparition Lit’s Topside Test Flash Fiction Contest.

They have faith in kindness, coffee, and nobility of the pigeon – usually in that order.

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