My queer fairytale retelling, 12 Tanzen Lane, was featured in Episode 432 of Cast of Wonders! The story follows Maria as she searches for escape in magic — and in her fellow housemates.

You can hear me as the voice of XJ-32 in Episode 97 of the anthology podcast Seminar.

I’m fortunate to be a part of D.J. Sylvis’ beautiful sci-fi podcast, Moonbase Theta Out, as the voice of Moddy Sarah. Now in it’s third season with over a quarter million downloads, it really is the little podcast that could.

MTO S4 – Prologue 4: "I know the man that must hear me" Moonbase Theta, Out

Prologue Minisode – 4 of 5: The Freehold refugees – including Cas and Pol – arrive in North Africa. Introductions are made. Content Warning – Physical injury and emergency response, references to accidental death Transcript here: https://monkeymanproductions.com/2022/09/mto-s4-p4-transcript/ FEATURING: Becca Marcus as Elio, Corey Spruill as Stephen, Serena Rahal as Nima, Tom Zalatnai as Techno 1, Tal Minear as Free Folk 1, Dalia Ramahi as Nashwa, Leslie Gideon as Elena, Jen Ponton as Tumnus, Tina Daniels as Wilder, Teddy Hannah-Drullard as Medic Pacey, Leeman Kessler as Roger, Gabriel Taneko as Alex, Journee LaFond as Addie, David S. Dear as Dr. Just, and Hazel Stapp as Dr. Serano.  Written by D.J. Sylvis. Audio Engineering by Cass McPhee. Produced by D.J. Sylvis, Tina Daniels, and Cass McPhee Theme music is “Star” by the band Ramp: https://ramp-music.bandcamp.com/ Cover art is by Peter Chiykowski.  Looking for more great audio fiction? Check out The Night Post, a captivating queer supernatural drama about survival, tradition, and the vast unknown. Want to help make this show possible AND get early ad-free access to every episode? Support us at Patreon.com/MonkeyManProductions. For a full list of our cast and crew, as well as transcripts, official Moonbase Theta, Out merch and more, visit MonkeyManProductions.com. And, as always, keep watching the moon. Network: https://fableandfolly.com/ Twitter: @MoonbaseThetaOu and @MonkeymanProd Discord: https://discord.gg/6NAhrG5 Facebook: Monkeyman Productions Merch: http://tee.pub/lic/zUb0YN1_6mw Music & Sound Effects Attribution (including dynamic ads): https://monkeymanproductions.com/sound-effects-credit/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
  1. MTO S4 – Prologue 4: "I know the man that must hear me"
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  5. MTO Presents: Omen

I’m also grateful to be the voice of Aunt Mae in the final episode of Mel Hartman’s eerie haunted house series, Disenchanted.

Episode 15 – Finale Disenchanted

Welcome to the series finale of Disenchanted! In this final episode, Lyra talks to her Aunt Mae, who finally comes clean about the history of the house. This episode features me, Mel Hartman as Lyra, and H.E. Casson as Lyra's Aunt Mae. Enjoy!
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